How to Sous Vide Eggs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sous vide cooking has revolutionized the way home cooks prepare food by allowing precise control over temperatures. This method is especially useful for cooking eggs, which can be tricky to get just right using traditional methods. Sous vide eggs come out consistently cooked with a creamy, custard-like texture every time.

With a basic sous vide cooker, it’s easy to achieve soft poachedmedium boiled, or even jammy sous vide eggs to your exact liking. Sous vide eggs also require no special skills – just a few simple steps and a bit of patience while the eggs gently cook. 

Read on to learn all about the benefits of sous vide eggs, and for a complete step-by-step guide to cooking eggs sous vide for flawless results.

What are the Benefits of Cooking Eggs Sous Vide?

Cooking eggs with an immersion circulator or other sous vide device offers several advantages over traditional boiling, poaching, or frying:

1. Consistent Results

Sous vide allows cooking at precise, controlled temperatures. This means your eggs will turn out exactly the same every time instead of having variations in doneness.

2. Easy to Peel

The gentle heating of sous vide makes eggs much easier to peel after cooking. No more wrestling to remove stubborn shells!

3. Customizable Texture

Cooking below boiling temperature enables unique textures like jammy yolksthat aren’t possible with standard methods.

4. Safe to Eat

Pasteurization via sous vide eliminates any risk of salmonella or other food-borne pathogens.

5. Nutrient Retention

The vacuum sealed bags and gentle heating help retain more vitamins and minerals compared to boiling.

How to Sous Vide Eggs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to try your hand at sous vide eggs? Follow these simple steps:

1. Preheat Your Sous Vide Machine

Set your sous vide cooker or immersion circulator to the desired temperature. For soft eggs, 147°F (64°C) is ideal. For fully set hard boiled eggs, go up to 167°F (75°C).

2. Prepare Your Eggs

Gently place room temperature large eggs into a sous vide bag, allowing ample space in between each egg. Seal the bag carefully, removing any excess air.

3. Cook Your Eggs

Lower the sealed bag into the preheated water bath. Cook for 45 minutes for soft eggs, or up to an hour for firm eggs.

4. Serve or Store Your Eggs

Once done cooking, plunge the bag into an ice bath to halt the cooking process. Store sous vide eggs in the refrigerator for up to one week.

How to Get Perfect Sous Vide Eggs Every Time

Getting the most out of your sous vide cooker when cooking eggs is easy when you follow these helpful tips:

1. Use Fresh Eggs

Older eggs have runnier whites that can make peeling difficult. For best results, use the freshest eggs possible.

2. Adjust Cooking Time for Desired Texture

The longer eggs cook, the firmer they become. Refer to time and temperature charts to tweak for your perfect texture.

3. Season After Cooking

For evenly seasoned yolks, add salt, pepper, or other spices once eggs are cooked.

4. Chill Immediately if Not Serving Right Away

Shock sous vide eggs in an ice bath to stop the cooking process if you won’t be eating them immediately. 

5. Experiment with Different Temperatures and Times

Part of the fun is testing different combinations to discover your ideal softmedium, or hard boiled eggs.

Can You Overcook Sous Vide Eggs?

It’s virtually impossible to overcook eggs with sous vide, unlike traditional boiling where a few minutes can mean over or underdone eggs. 

Sous vide eggs cooked for longer than the recipe states simply become firm throughout. While the yolk may be hard rather than runny, the eggs will still be tender and delicious.

What Are Some Recipe Ideas for Sous Vide Eggs?

From breakfast to appetizers to desserts, sous vide eggs shine in all kinds of dishes:

1. Soft Poached Sous Vide Egg Salad

Chopped eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, and vegetables come together for an easy egg salad showcasing velvety soft poached eggs.

2. Creamy Scrambled Sous Vide Eggs

For scrambled eggs that are smooth, rich, and custard-like, blend sous vide egg yolks and whites.

3. Rich and Custardy Sous Vide Egg Bites

Make your own copycat version of the popular Starbucks sous vide egg biteswith eggs, cheese, and veggies baked in a muffin tin.

4. Onsen Tamago Sous Vide (Japanese Soft-Cooked Eggs)

Experience authentic Japanese onsen eggs with eggs gently cooked sous vide in the shell.

5. Sous Vide Quail Eggs

Tiny quail eggs become the perfect one-bite hors d’oeuvres when sous vided in batches.

With just a few basic tools and ingredients, you can now make restaurant-worthy sous vide eggs from the comfort of your own kitchen. Adjust times and temperatures to achieve the precise doneness you love. Sous vide offers a foolproof path to finally perfecting your eggs.